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RUCADEV has a series of projects currently in the design and implementation phases. Some of these projects are listed below:

Education, Scholarship, and Children Library Fund

We believe that a nurturing classroom atmosphere, with appropriate resources is essential to unlocking a child’s full potential. We are in the planning phase of securing necessary resources (books, pencils, pens, eraser) and building of solid and save structures for the M’muock Fosimeondi rural school community. Our goal is to create an environment that will empower students at a young age to read, and develop their minds. We need your support to help carter for needs of young children who are unable to continue their education as a result of their families not been able to pay their way in school. We also strive for a good learning environment that will unlock the potential of these students. Your donations in cash or kind (books and other school resources) will go directly to benefit the school children of M’muock Fosimondi.
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Empowering women and development fund

diffterrain for water1
It is estimated that about 56% of the population of M’muock Fosimondi is female with 44% are males. Majority of children drop out after primary school and an even higher number out after secondary schools as the cost of education increases. These dropout rates are compounded by poverty and need to help in the family agriculture business for survival. Most women in these areas are sole breadwinners of their homes and work on small patches of land to generate food produce for their homes and as source of income. Rucadev is creating culture that brings together best minds in the region, to push for best agricultural practices and technological advances that will increase output. We will support farmers through microcredit financing and create game changing cooperatives that will allow farmers to network. This would coalesce farmers’ resources and promote the use of agro-experts to include technological advances in the farming process.

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Church Building Fund

The visiting missionaries from the Basel mission in 1954 exposed the people of Mmuock Fosimondi to worship in 1954. Since then development and growth of has staggered due to lack of worshiping center and church services held in private homes. These recently changed in 2005 when Chief Forlemu donated a parcel of land for the construction of a new church building and community center. This magnamous gesture has lead to local fundraising efforts by residents and families culminating in building of foundation for a church building. The construction efforts so far have been slow due to the inability of inhabitants to raise money for the church given their own precarious financial standing. RUCADEV has joined the battle to help raise the appropriate fund as this building and its potential to serve as a community center for man kids is directly in line with our main mission (unlocking potential).

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Water project

diffterrain for water1
The water project is our top priority at the moment given that the majority ailments and deaths of young children in the region is due to the lack o clean and safe drinking water. Mmuock Fosimondi in general and Njengmba in particular is at the highest peak above sea level in all of the south west region of Cameroon. The geographical location and hilly nature of the M’muock also makes it access to clean water sources difficult. This has resulted in numerous water born diseases (cholera, diarrhea etc.), as well as an increased burden on children who have to go long distances and fetch water for school and family needs without regards to its purity.
Rucadev and partners have completed feasibility studies and identified a site that will be used to create subterranean water well with reservoir capabilities to produce about 75000 liters of clean and safe drinking water per day for this community

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